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Westside exists to make Jesus known–this is our mission–and we believe the best long-term strategy to making Jesus known is through the planting of churches. Westside itself was planted in 2005 but since that time we have planted two other stand-alone churches–Reality Vancouver in 2009 and Christ City Church in 2013–as well as launching a second campus on the Northshore in 2012.

Over the past three years the elders have continued to seek God’s leading regarding the next plant–campus or stand-alone–but never felt released to launch anything new. The time of waiting is over.

I am excited to announce that Westside is now moving ahead with the launch of a campus called TriCity Church in the Tri City area of the lower mainland in September, 2017. What’s unique about this work, however, is that we’re not doing it alone but in partnership with Northview Community Church in Abbotsford and Crossridge Church in Cloverdale with TriCity Church serving as a campus of all three churches.

In the Fall of 2016 Northview acquired the property of Hyde Creek Community Church in Port Coquitlam with the intention of planting a new campus. However, throughout the Fall it became apparent to them, us and Crossridge that it would be much more beneficial to plant a joint effort.

Matt Glezos, will lead this joint campus plant and our sincere hope and prayer is that God would use this local ministry to reach many people in Coquitlam, Port-Coquitlam and Port-Moody with the saving power of the gospel. Matt served at Westside for 5 years overseeing Family Ministries and is currently apprenticing at Crossridge. Matt grew up in the Tri-Cities and has lived there with his family for the past 10 years. He and his wife Dawn have been feeling God’s call to plant in Coquitlam for the past several years and are excited about this new and unique work. Matt currently leads a community group in Coquitlam with members from Crossridge.

There will be many opportunities for us to support this endeavour going forward, but for now we are inviting anyone potentially interested in being part of this new plant, especially those living in or near the Tri-City area, to attend an information night on Sunday, January 29 at 5pm to hear the vision and details for TriCity Church. Full details for the information night can be found at

There are probably a few questions regarding the partnership with Northview and Crossridge and what the implications of that are. For this project, Northview will continue to own the property and TriCity Church will be under the authority of the elders of Northview. However, both Westside and Crossridge will have significant influence alongside Northview in the formation and operation of TriCity. We have established a Plant Leadership Team (PLT), which consists of myself, Matt Menzel, Jeff Bucknam (Senior Pastor, Northview), Lee Francois (Lead Pastor, Crossridge), Matt Glezos (Campus Pastor), and Steve Wiens (Executive Pastor, Northview). The PLT operates under the authority of the elders of Northview, but will have responsibility for the day to day oversight of TriCity. I, personally, will provide ongoing coaching to Matt in the months ahead.

All three churches have people who currently reside in the Tri-City region who have expressed an interest in joining this ministry and we believe this partnership will allow us to leverage the strength of each church to hopefully create a stronger church plant in the Tri-City region. Additionally, we hope that this joint effort may result in working together on other church plants in the Lower Mainland in the years ahead.

Much more could be said but I will leave the rest for the information meeting at the end of the month. I ask that you be in prayer for this new work, for Matt and Dawn specifically, and for the ongoing partnership/relationship of the three churches.

With much grace,

Norm Funk
Senior Pastor, Westside Church

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