Africa is a continent of great need, with a vast majority of the world's poverty occurring there. In addition to the physical hunger, there is a deep spiritual hunger within this country. To help fulfill these needs, Westside is committed to working with local African church planters and pastors, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania. Our desire as a church is to play a role in the raising up of godly, biblically trained church leaders by partnering with two African bible school organizations: Hope of the Nations (Tanzania) and Kapsowar School Of Theology (Kenya). We support these two schools by giving financially, praying, and teaching.


Hope of the Nations

Hope of the Nations (HofN) is a non-denominational mission organization with the purpose of bringing hope to the nations through the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Word of God (Matthew 12:21). It is located in Kigoma, Tanzania. Kigoma is a port town that rests on the banks of lake Tanganyika – the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

Hope of the Nations is engaged in many different educational programs:

  • Bible College
  • English Medium Primary School
  • Medical Training
  • Vocational Training Schools
  • Kid's Clubs
  • Summer Camps

All of these programs include Biblical training and discipleship. 

What is the mission of the Bible School?

In Africa there is a great need for biblically trained pastors to lead gospel-centered churches. The mission of the Bible College is to train, equip, and disciple men and women for the works of service in their local churches.

What do the students learn (class specifics)?

The students take classes such as:

  • Books of the Bible (Genesis, Acts, Romans, the Gospels)
  • Apologetics
  • Church History
  • Theology
  • Biblical Missions
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Preaching

How will the students change their towns and villages when they graduate?

Most of the students return to their home village upon graduation. They begin to preach and teach with the theological knowledge they have been given, causing people within their churches to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. As a result, Churches in Tanzania are growing. The fruit of HofN is being seen through the work of these passionate pastors dedicated to teaching the scriptures!

For more information on Hope of The Nations please  Find Hope of the Nations here on Facebook.

Short Term Teams
For more information on going to Tanzania on a Short-Term Team, visit the Tanzania Short Term Missions Team page.

Please consider supporting Hope of The Nations.


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Hope of the Nations from Westside Church on Vimeo.

The Kapsowar School Of Theology

The Kapsowar School Of Theology is located in Kapsowar, Kenya. The town of Kapsowar is located in a remote part of Kenya, approximately 3 hours (by jeep) north of Eldoret, and overlooks the Rift Valley.

The Kapsowar School Of Theology was birthed from a vision to establish a bible college that would effectively train local pastors and church planters in sound doctrine. This knowledge would then enable them to effectively preach and teach to their local congregations in the surrounding villages.

In rural Kenya many churches have either no pastoral oversight or the pastor has little to no biblical training. Many congregations do not even have the whole bible available to them. The dream is to equip every church in Kenya with a biblically trained pastor that is called by God to lead and discipline their congregation.

Kapsowar School Of Theology holds to the following core values:

  • Biblical Knowledge
  • Character Development
  • Evangelism, Church Planting & Pastoral Care
  • Development of Social & Church Ministry Life

The Kapsowar school is very new, opening its doors in 2011. It is a part of the Africa Inland Church (AIC) denomination. The property is still under construction, with the buildings being built as money comes in. The school currently has 10 students enrolled and hope to admit an additional 20 students in 2013. Currently, fund limitations do not allow for the buildings to be finished, therefore more students cannot be accepted. We are praying that these additional funds will be raised by 2013 in order to finish the necessary building needs.

The school currently offers the following diplomas:

  1. Theological Studies (DTH)
  2. Christian Education (DCE)
  3. Pastoral Ministries (DPM)
  4. Ministry & Missiology (DMS)
  5. General Studies (DGS)
  6. Music (DMU)
  7. Chaplaincy (DCH)
Westside’s support helps send Kindle E-Readers filled with great theological resources for the students to use during their time at Kapsowar.