Men's Bible Study

Bible Study INFO

Date: May 4-June 22 2017
Time: 6:30(Breakfast) 6:45-8:00am
Place: The Centre (777 Homer Street)
Room: The Trap Room

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2 Timothy Study

The Thursday Men’s* Bible Study group is for those men already attending a CG but are wanting to supplement things with further study.**

*Men who are post high school.

**It is understood that there may be extenuating circumstances keeping you from attending a CG. We certainly want to side on grace if that’s the case and yet you still wish to attend this group, we would just like to talk to you beforehand.


A morning study that meets from 6:30-8:15 AM

This group will meet in the Trap Room at the Centre and will be led by Norm Funk. However, a registration of at least 25 people is required for the group to start. 

Commitment to attending each week is required. This is not a drop in and/or “come and go” group but one where those who sign up at the beginning will be expected to continue through the length of the study. It is understood that things “do come up” – travel, sickness, etc. – but with the rare exception attendance is mandatory for the sake of the individual and the group itself.

Some things to know about the study itself

This is a homework study of 2 Timothy. The amount of time needed for homework won’t be overwhelming but you can expect about 60-75 minutes of study a week. Based on your weekly prep you will be asked to share your insight with the group at large as much as you feel comfortable doing so.

This is also a study where there will be some memory work as part of your weekly homework.

What else?

A light breakfast will be provided by donation (bagels, yogurt, juice and coffee for breakfast)


There is no cost to this study, but registration is mandatory to participate for ordering purposes and the minimum limit expected for the study to take place.

If the class you signed up for doesn’t reach the required 25 people you will be notified

If you can't register online, please call the office (604.263.2314) or email