Alpha Group Leaders


Thank you for your interest to join the Alpha group leaders team!

Please read the below completely and consider prayerfully. 

Alpha needs group leaders that are humbly pursuing Jesus' presence and being conformed to Jesus' image for the good of our city while Jesus' Kingdom comes.

What does it mean to be an Alpha Group Leader?
Being a group leader is intentionally loving 5-9 people that attend Alpha over the duration of the course.

Group leaders can serve as a Host or Helper. In either role you will learn to be real, relational and reproducible with your group while being totally reliant on the prompting and power of the Holy Spirit.  

What does a Group Leader functionally do?
1) Group leaders will foster an environment of support, safety and hospitality with an aim to build friendships. On Alpha night they will:

  • Set up the hosting space, depending on the type of Alpha being run.
  • Prepare and pray with the team of group leaders.
  • Welcome and engage their group members.
  • Queue up the video (Alpha Online).
  • Manage the discussion time to keep the conversation balanced.
  • Following Alpha night they will submit prayer requests, pray and create meaningful moments of follow up throughout the week.

2) As a team of leaders we will minister to one another through confession, intentional prayer, biblical authority, and worship as we meet together with Jesus who will fill our hearts to overflowing.


Email if you have any questions.



  • Attend the 8 weeks of the course from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
  • Collaborate to submit prayer requests once a week.
  • Commit to confession, prayer, time in the word and worship (seeking Jesus' presence)


Depending on the option we choose per alpha, attend the Alpha Saturday or the Alpha Weekend away (Friday night - Sunday morning).


There are two training sessions, one before the course starts and one just before the Alpha Saturday or Alpha Weekend away.

The first training session is on Sunday October 24 from 12pm - 3pm, the second is on Saturday, November 20th from 9:30am - 12pm.

Love through evangelism and discipleship

Love through evangelism and discipleship means being led by the  Spirit. This might mean:

  • Meeting with group members for one on one conversations, activities or practical needs.
  • Investing in the digital group chat where questions can be asked and resources can be shared.
  • Work with your partner group leaders to be discipled, research, learn, grow, pray and coordinate group follow ups.


Email if you have any questions.


An Alpha Online group needs both a “Host” and a “Helper” gift/skill set. These roles have different areas of focus, but share the same goal; for everyone in the group to feel welcomed, loved and supported.


Hosts are the welcoming presence and facilitate the discussion. They take responsibility for every person in the group in order to nurture the relationships, foster a safe environment and ensure group discussion is inclusive and balanced. 

  • Host Qualifications:
    • Follows Jesus and is willing to share their testimony, attends a community group.
    • Has a strong listening disposition, passion for connecting people, high social intelligence and loves getting to know many people and in order to help them thrive.
    • Not afraid of mild conflict, willing to engage and set boundaries.


Helpers support the host and group members. Helpers will largely stay quiet in order to listen, pray silently, or moderate the chat as the discussion is unfolding. They hone their analytical skills to replay key moments in the debriefs and stay ready to ask or rephrase a question at a "too long" pause. They run point in providing group support and answering practical questions (where can I get the video, handout, zoom link, etc.)

  • Helper Qualifications: 
    • Follows Jesus and is willing to share their testimony, attends a community group.
    • Has a strong listening disposition, equipped with good discernment and attention to detail.
    • Capable technically (I.e. Able to setup an online meeting, navigate online resources, moderate a chat, etc. Some training will be provided for this.)


Email if you have any questions.




Jonathan Haines is is the Director of Ministry Resources for Westside Church and coordinates the Alpha Course and Alpha leadership team for Westside.

Q: What do you love about Alpha?

A: Alpha creates a safe space to share with others. The Church has a bit of a stigma for being judgemental, so I love that Alpha makes it a really clear priority to create a welcoming space where people from all faiths and backgrounds can just listen, or be heard without fear of judgement.

Q: Do you have a short story of God's grace in Alpha you can share?

A: There was a woman in my group that was very proper, calm and reserved. She was quiet, always listening and observing. She'd grown up Christian, but had lapsed. Much time had passed and there was nothing there for her now. We got to week three on "Why Did Jesus Die?" and began discussing the concept of right and wrong and forgiveness. As we began discussion she seemed somewhat disengaged. It seemed the video had revealed something to her and she was processing it. As another table member began to share a wound in their past with tremendous vulnerability, she began to listen. That vulnerability was enough for her to speak up, just a small admittance, that she had someone she couldn't forgive. That was the moment Jesus began the healing process in her life, it took weeks to walk out but she ended the course a vibrant, joyful, free, forgiven and forgiving woman.

Q: What is your prayer for Alpha?

A: My prayer for Alpha is that the Father would bring people who have been searching for answers, people that are thirsty. Both to lead and to attend! That Jesus would open their eyes and providentially supply them with the faith to believe He is the Son of God, He knows them, and He did the work to pay for their sin and set them free and that in Him they may have life abundantly!

Abby Seinin co-leads the Hosts & Helpers for Alpha.

Q: What do you love about Alpha?

A: The sense of humility I experience every Alpha when I witness how powerfully the Holy Spirit is at work among us, which reminds me that it’s not about me.

Q: Do you have a short story of God's grace in Alpha you can share?

A: “I didn’t know that it was a Christian thing!”. She had followed her best friend to Alpha, not opening the invitation she had been sent. Her guard was up. She was angry at God for not answering her prayers as a child to save her family from an abusive father. Still, she listened attentively and asked to hear our stories, coming back session after session. The last night, she was beaming. During the talk, she told us what happened at home after the last session. The Spirit had filled her with a joy she never experienced before. She had called her best friend, who invited her to come to Christ. They prayed over the phone and her life changed forever. She was the last person I thought would come to Christ at my table. Since then I never underestimate the Holy Spirit’s power to change the hardest heart.

Q: What is your prayer for Alpha?

A: I pray to be blown away by the Lord like never before in Alpha! To see our boldest prayers for Alpha and for our Church answered, way more than what we prayed for or imagined and finally say “My God, I am so much in awe of you! How in love I am with you!”

Skyler Tarrant co-leads the Hosts & Helpers for Alpha.

Q: What do you love about Alpha?

A: My love for Alpha is the opportunity have a open discussions with a group of people from all beliefs that is centred around God, and show who Jesus really is.

Q: Do you have a short story of God's grace in Alpha you can share?

A: For me, attending a church was about showing up for service, then leaving before really talking to people. Then, someone random (that I now consider a friend) invited me to attend Alpha. The relationships that developed from my first Alpha group gave me a small start to building community in church, which later led me into a community group. The next Alpha I got an opportunity to become a leader where I learned to walk alongside others in faith (as I too was growing). Eight years later, I can say Alpha keeps blessing me in each new season, while the Lord deepens the relationships I have with friends of past groups.

Q: What is your prayer for Alpha?

A: That people will reach out and invite a person that, like myself, just needed an invitation. That Alpha would provide a safe place for all of us to invite people that may not be ready or willing to attend a church service. Come one, come all!