Alpha Prayer 2019

Alpha Prayer

Prayer Period

We'll be praying for Alpha from August 14th, 2019 - February 4th, 2020 and this prayer period will be divided into three sections. You can register for Alpha Prayer even after the start date, so please don't let that deter you from signing up!

Before the Alpha course: August 14 – October 14

During the Alpha course: October 15 – December 3

After the Alpha course: December 4 – February 4

Prayer Teams

There are three teams you can join to pray for Alpha. You can join one, or you can join them all.

The 24/7 Prayer Team
As part of this team, you have the option to pray anywhere, on any day(s), at any time(s) every week for the duration of the Alpha prayer period. You will be given items to pray for each week. If you feel busy and feel as though you can only spare a few minutes in your day to pray, that's okay! This is the team for you.

The Intercessory Prayer Team
As part of this team, you are committing to prayer at Westside on Tuesday Nights. You can join for one section of prayer (before, during or after the Alpha Course), or all sections of prayer. Tuesday night times are not set in stone, the options per your availability are in the sign up form. This is the prayer team with the most commitment required.

The Corporate Prayer Team
As part of this team, you will pray through the weekly prayer list (both Alpha Prayers and Corporate Prayers for the church body) each Wednesday. You can pray at Westside at 7am, or through the list on your own time. You are also agreeing to pray for any urgent prayers you are sent.