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Upcoming dates are in the works! Keep an eye out for a Sunday announcement or check back here.

Art Nights are meant to bring visual creatives in the church into community together. We will explore how art can help us in honest expression, worship, and knowing God more deeply. Art Nights are open to all levels in visual arts (e.g., painting, drawing, crafts, etc).
Most Art Nights will have a theme and will start with some discussion and prayer. We'll then move into a time to create. Usually there is an exercise—related to the theme—where we spend some time looking at a passage of Scripture together to offer inspiration for whatever project you choose to work on. You can bring your own project or you can start a new project, it's up to you. 
Make sure to bring your own art supplies, as supplies will not be provided.
Every once in a while, we have Art Nights that are in other locations. Sometimes we'll attend art events in the city or do art elsewhere, so make sure you keep your eye on the details of upcoming events at the top of this page.
Art Nights will start promptly at their designated time—try to come a bit early if you can!
For regular updates, join the Art Night Group on Planning Center.

Art Nights are spearheaded by the Storytelling & Visual Arts Team. If you'd like to help out with Art Nights, you can apply to be a part of the Storytelling & Visual Arts Team here.