Government Financial Assistance


This guide was published near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in BC, and was being updated until recently. We leave it up for information, but will not continue to update it. 

The federal, provincial, and municipal governments have assembled quite a few financial assistance programs, as have several Crown corporations. If you are in need of financial assistance during this time, you should apply for all the benefits you're eligible for.*

This document is our humble effort to list all the available sources of financial assistance to residents of the Greater Vancouver Area. We've included a brief description of each benefit so you can better discern which ones you are most likely eligible for, and there are links so you can find application forms easily.
Questions about specific benefits should be directed to whichever government branch is providing the benefit in question—but if you would like help navigating our document, we would be happy to get someone to reach out to you. Just let us know at, and we'll give you a call back.
***While we've done our best to ensure accuracy, things are changing all the time, and we can't guarantee that this document will be completely up to date at any given time. We also cannot guarantee that you will receive every benefit you apply for—that's up to each benefit provider to decide, not us.