Become Practicum

 Practices will be added in the weeks to come as we spend time focusing on them one by one.


This Wednesday, April 1st we're beginning a season of fasting together as a body and in conjunction with several other churches in our city.

Every Wednesday, join us for a partial or total food fast or—if a food fast isn't an option for you—pray and ask God if there is something else you should fast from. This could be something you turn to for satisfaction or comfort other than Jesus. Examples include: Netflix, TV, reading, exercising, mindless internet scrolling, shopping, coffee, socializing, social media etc.

Four Reasons We're Fasting:

  1. Asking the Lord to contain and diminish this pandemic.
  2. Asking that God would have his way in this time.
  3. Asking that God would draw his people to himself
  4. Asking that our response, as Jesus' Church, would be pleasing to the Lord.

Additional Resources:

  1. A good article for those new to fasting.
  2. Become sermon on fasting.
  3. Spiritual Disciplines Calendar created by Melissa Menzel.


Pastor Matt and Gareth discuss the importance of confession in the Christian life and answer some questions about what this looks like practically.

Additional Resources:

  1. Become sermon on confession.
  2. Spiritual Disciplines Calendar created by Melissa Menzel.

Instagram Live

Pastor Matt and Melissa Menzel will be helping us apply these disciplines to our lives practically on Instagram Live each week. If you're not yet following along, follow us on Instagram at

Revisit the Become Sermon Series to learn more about each discipline.