Women's Bible Overview Study

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Class Overview

The Bible Overview is a Wednesday morning class for all women at any stage of life, at any level of Bible knowledge, and at any place in your Christian faith or spiritual journey. No prior Bible study experience is necessary—wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome!

Study details:

The study guide we are using for this course is written by St. Helen's Bishopsgate church in London, England. 

Throughout the study we will discover how the Bible is one book written by the one God telling us about His one plan for all time and eternity. The Overview looks at the whole Bible in 27 studies, which aims to see what this one God has revealed about himself, what His plan is, and why it is so important. 

The emphasis of the Bible Overview Course:

  1. Recognizing that the various events, themes, and points in the bible all fit together.
  2. Understanding how they all fit together.
  3. Discovering the implications of this for us today.

The goal of this Bible Study is transformation:

Our prayer is that this study will lead to each of us knowing Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and making Jesus known—in all areas of our lives and relationships!

As we study the whole Bible, we will discover it is all about God and what He is doing. As we increasingly see God at the centre of the universe that He's made, instead of seeing ourselves there, and recognize that what He's working towards is so much greater than what we originally wanted, we are transformed. We begin to desire what God desires—finding our place and peace in God's plans and purposes for our lives.

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