Biblical Parenting Classes

monthly classes

Each month we will address a different topic (see below for the list). Each evening we will have a time of teaching, a time of Q&A, and time to discuss and learn from each other! 


Class: Appropriate Teaching and Practices in the Home Part II (Ages 6–11)

This class will focus on reasonable expectations and practices regarding discipline and behaviour for a 6–11 year old, as well as what Biblical truths we want to be instilling in our children and the resources out there to help us do so. What kids of habits and behaviours are appropriate to be working on with children in this age range? What truths about God and our world are important to be emphasizing in the lives of these precious little ones? We will cover these questions and more in our time of teaching and through our Q&A panel.

  • Painting a compelling picture of who Jesus is
  • Expectations & Discipline
  • Dedication, Communion, Baptism?
  • Talking about sex/bodies with 6–11 year olds

 Thursday, January 9, 2020
Time: 7:30pm - 9pm
Place: The Centre (777 Homer Street)
Room: The Commons (use the North Entrance on Homer St)

*sorry but there will not be child care at these classes


Children are a blessing from the Lord, but raising them is not easy! Christian parenting is not about the latest and greatest parenting techniques. It is about the gospel. So, what does gospel-centered parenting look like on a day-to-day basis? What vision does Scripture provide for our homes? What does it means to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? Over the course of this coming year we will look at these topics and many more including age appropriate discipline, technology, sexuality, raising teens, and resources for teaching the Bible at home.

Monthly Classes at 7:30pm

Thursday, January 9 
Age Appropriate Teaching & Practices in the Home Part II (Ages 6-11)

Thursday, February 6 
Navigating Education in Our Current Culture (Public, Private, Homeschool, & more)

Monday, March 9  (During YOUTH)
Parenting Teens 

Thursday, April 16 
Practicing Hospitality, Mission, and Service as a Family

Thursday, May 21 
Technology, Screens & All the In-betweens