Westside Staff Position: Front Desk Adminstrator

Role Summary: 

TITLE: Front Desk Administrator


HOURS PER WEEK: 40 + volunteer hours*
*It is understood that like any committed member of the church body, the Front Desk Administrator will give some volunteer hours to the church each week.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday in office, 9:00AM to 5:00PM. 

COMPENSATION: Salary to be disclosed within interview + benefits (Pension and benefits will apply after a 3-month probationary period).

This position is a full-time administrative role reporting to the Director of Ministry Resources in support of the attendees of Westside Church, the Downtown Vancouver Community, and the Westside Church Staff. The primary focus of this role will be the efficient application of the administrative functions in support of these groups. It is anticipated that there will be a high degree of ministerial involvement within the context of daily tasks. As such, the role will require a high degree of discernment, hospitality, flexibility, multitasking, task prioritization and the ability to integrate people effectively into the larger context of church ministry.

Full Position Description


Please contact Jonathan Haines by emailing jonathan@wchurch.ca to apply for this position, and include a simple resume,  a cover letter briefly describing your interest in this position and at least two contactable character references.