Enduring and unchanged in all seasons is our unified mission to Make Jesus Known. Jesus calls us to go and make disciples—to reach the ends of the earth for His glory. We believe that God has called each of us as Christians to be missionaries here in the city of Vancouver, reaching our colleagues, friends, family, and neighbours with the good news of Jesus. God also calls us to the “ends of the earth,” or to global missions. There are many unreached nations around the world that need to hear about Jesus. Westside is committed to helping indigenous organizations in both India and Africa. Our desire is to help train, equip, pray, serve, and give financially to what God is already doing in both these great countries.

You may still give to our partner organizations using our giving platform.


India is one of the most unreached countries in the world. With a population of over a billion people, only a fraction have heard the good news of Jesus. God has placed a passion and calling on our hearts to reach North India for His future church.  The primary agency that we are doing this through is Child Of Mine. Click here for more information on partnering with Child Of Mine and how to contribute/partner monthly.


In addition to the physical need, there is a deep spiritual need within Tanzania. To help fulfill these needs, Westside is committed to working with local Tanzanian church planters and pastors. Our desire as a church is to play a role in the raising up of godly, biblically trained church leaders by partnering with Hope of the Nations (Tanzania). We support a school by giving financially, praying, and teaching. Click here for more info.


Mexico is a country associated with vacations and all-inclusive resorts, but the great need for the Gospel is often overlooked. While the nation as a whole is close to 95% Catholic, this is often intermingled with various folk beliefs and practices. In the last decade millions have been abandoning the faith disillusioned by how faith bears little connection to the issues of the culture, and the country is in dire need of true unadulterated gospel proclamation. We have partnered with Multiply and are exploring how we can support the ongoing efforts of local church plants as they seek to proclaim the grace available in Jesus. Click here for more info.

Korle Bu

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KBNF) is a Canadian charity with a vision to strengthen healthcare systems in West Africa, with a special emphasis on brain and spine diseases and injuries. The governments of West Africa are severely under resourced and the result is severe shortages of critical medical supplies and equipment in their hospitals. Since June last year, Westsiders have helped sort, pack, and load 6 containers of equipment and supplies (including an ambulance) to be sent to hospitals in West Africa. More info can be found here.