Joshua 2:1-24 May 19, 2019

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Strong & courageous: The book of joshua

The book of Joshua is the story of a God who keeps His promise. After delivering His people from slavery in Egypt and dealing with the faithlessness of that generation, the Lord now moves His people forward toward one ultimate goal—rest in the land of promise. This forceful depiction of the Kingdom of God breaking into the world is a vivid picture of all that Jesus accomplished in His life, death, and resurrection. It’s an invitation to follow His lead and find what cannot be found anywhere else—rest, peace, and freedom in a life of promise.


  • Joshua 2:1-24
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 19, 2019
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: May 19, 2019
    Text: Joshua 2:1-24

    Before heading across the Jordan River as a nation Joshua sends two spies into the land. They immediately fail in their mission but God rushes to meet them anyway. Through a woman named Rehab they experience the provision, presence, and grace of their God.
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  • Joshua 1:10-18
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 12, 2019
    Strong & Courageous / Joshua 1:10-18

    After being commissioned by the Lord to lead with strength and courage Joshua finally steps into his new role. As he does we'll remind ourselves of the reasons behind his strength and courage. We'll notice the renewal that takes place under new leadership and watch as the people of Israel respond to all that's taken place so far.
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  • Joshua 1:1-9
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 05, 2019
    Strong & Courageous / Joshua 1:1-9

    We begin a new series on the book of Joshua. In this kick of message we consider who Joshua was and what God told him as he took over leadership of the Jewish people upon the death of Moses.
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