Sunday Mornings


Kids classes are provided during the morning gatherings.


There is a designated underground parking lot nearby with discounted parking (to see details click here), but if it’s possible for one parent to drop off another parent with the kids that is ideal. There is a drop off area right in front of the theatre.


When you arrive go directly to the Kids Connect Desk located in the entry level lobby. The leaders there will outfit your children with a visitors security tag or get you set up with our computer check-in system. To have this as an option you will need a city account with your kids added. You can do this ahead of time by clicking here.

All the kids classes are located on level 1 (entrance level). There is floor plan map located at Kids Checkin which indicates which rooms the various ages meet in.


The aims for our Sunday School classes are that our kids are safe, secure and that they receive excellent care and biblical instruction that is both captivating and engaging. We seek to do this through strong curriculum, drama, storytelling and hands on activities.

Classes open 15 mins before the gathering starts. Parents are encouraged to pick up their kids after the sermon to worship together during the response time. It’s important for children to see and experience the church gathering and worshipping together each week. All classes are structured to finish the lesson by that time so kids will be ready for pick up.


If you have further questions please email Courteney: