Kids Workshops

Kids Workshops are offered online via Zoom and provide a space for kids to deepen their community with other Westside Kids and grow in their knowledge of the Gospel. The workshops will use our Kids Curriculum, The Gospel Project for Kids and our kids team will lead the group through the lesson from the past Sunday. Workshops can include activities like: bible story videos, memory verse games and even some simple crafts. There will also be a time for sharing and asking questions.

Weekly Supply List:

  • Kids Bible and Printed Activity Sheet
  • Paper/Notebook
  • Pencil/Crayons or Felts

We encourage kids to come to the workshops having already gone through the material, but if they haven’t that’s still okay! We want them to come anyway! All of the lesson material is sent through our weekly kids newsletter. These newsletters are sent every Friday, so be sure to check them for all the workshops information.  

We offer two workshops, one for children ages 4-6 and one for children ages 7-9. These workshops will run twice a month on Wednesday and Thursdays at 4pm. Workshop will last approximately 45 minutes.  

Registration is required to join, see below for further information.


Ages 4-6 (Wednesdays at 4pm)

September 30, October 14, October 28, November 18, November 25, December 9





October 1, October 15, October 29, November 19, November 26, December 10