Live-stream Service

Why a Live-stream?

In light of the evolving situation with COVID-19 (see our full communication and updates on this), we are taking the opportunity to be good citizens and neighbours, and help to protect the most vulnerable among us by giving up our usual way of gathering for a time.



The online gathering will start at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

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You can also visit our YouTube channel at where you’ll see the live video.

To see past sermons, visit


Easter Sunday 2020

You're invited to join us for Good Friday and Easter Sunday! You'll be able to watch the live-stream services right here on this page at 1o a.m. on both April 10th (Good Friday) and April 12th (Easter Sunday).

Link will go live an hour before each service begins.

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Connecting ONLINE After the Live-stream

Community is especially vital in a time where we can't gather together physically, so we want to encourage you to meet online with your Community Groups after the live-stream to touch base, connect, and chat about the sermon.

If you aren’t already in a Community Group, you can request to join one at


Westside Kids

Are you a new family to Westside?

We'd love to share our kids resources with you! Just head to the link below and our team will be in touch!


Worship through Music

We want to encourage you to continue to worship God through music! You’ll be able to sing along with the live-stream. If you'd like to listen to the songs throughout the week, you can also find the songs from our April 5th live-stream service on our Spotify playlist.

On another note, you're invited to join us on Thursday, April 16th for a Live-stream Prayer and Worship Night!


If Westside is your church home, a regular part of our Sunday rhythm is to encourage you to give as an act of worship. To learn how to set up pre-authorized giving or to give a one-time donation, head to our Giving page.


We’d love for you to take communion on your own or with your family at home. Here's a good way to do it safely if you're taking communion with your family:

Don’t dip the bread into a common cup of juice. Pour a bit of wine or juice into clean, separate cups, and sanitize your hands before cutting up the bread and distributing it. Limit touch as much as possible.


If you have a prayer request or a praise, we'd love to pray for you! Please fill out a prayer request.

Get the Conversation Going

Here are some questions to that you can use for group discussion about Sunday's sermon.

  1. Read 1 Corinthians 5:1-5. What stands out to you from the text or from Sunday's sermon?
  2. In what ways does our culture under-value sex? Why is this the case?
  3. What is the most damaging effect of a low view of human sexuality that you see around you?
  4. In what way has the church over-valued sex? Why do you think this has this happened?
  5. How would you articulate a biblical view of sex? (sex creates, delights, unifies).
  6. In 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 how are Jesus' people called to respond to sexual brokenness inside the church?
  7. What holds us back from walking out these same steps?
  8. Encourage your Community Group to set up some gender specific phone calls to confess sin if there's anything that needs to be dealt with. Pray that God would lead us in our confession especially in the lead up to Good Friday.

Connecting through Social Media

One of the ways we'll be staying connected as a church body is through social media. We'll have plenty of content coming your way, so be sure to follow us on our social channels.