Members Class

We are not offering a Members Class at this time. However, if you desire to become a member, please feel free to fill out our online application form. Though it is a requirement to attend a Members Class to become a member, we will queue your application up for review by an elder until you can attend a class.


The Members Class answers three questions:

• Who is Westside?
• What do we believe?
• Where are we going?

Before investing time, talent or treasure into anything, you should know what in fact you are investing in. The Members Class exists to help you gain a clear picture of Westside.  

* Please note that attending the Members Class does not make you a member. You must formally apply to be a member using this form which you can complete and submit digitally. An elder will review your application soon after and confirm your membership. You also may complete this form prior to your attendance of the Members Class should you wish to do so. Your form will be queued up for review following your attendance of the class.

** If you are thinking of joining a service team at Westside, please note that some roles on Westside Ministry Teams require that you attend a Members Class before serving.

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