Other Communication

Website & Calendar

One of the best ways to discover what's going on is through our website and web calendar—as you may have already discovered! Our web calendar is kept up to date with the most current information and our website will have the most comprehensive descriptions about events, classes, who we are, and everything in between.

The Monthly newsletter

Each month you'll receive and email in your inbox that gives an update on what's going on in the ministry.


We use Whatsapp—a chatting app that works on both mac and android phones—for groups that need to interact with each other and shoot a quick message to people. For example, many of our Community Groups use Whatsapp to share prayer requests with those in their group, chat with each other throughout the week, or organize events.

Youth/Kids Newsletters

If you have kids or teenagers, you'll want to sign up for these newsletters. They'll keep you up to date on everything that's going on in Kids and Youth ministry.