Planning Center

Planning Center—or Church Center— is made up of several different web applications and each application connects you to something at Westside. This means that you don’t need to go to Planning Center to create your profile, your profile is created in Planning Center by connecting and interacting at Westside (Ex: registering for an event, checking in your kids on Sunday, signing up for a team, etc.).

We highly recommend you download the Church Center mobile app for daily/weekly interactions with Westside.

Here is an outline of the different applications in planning centre and why you would interact with them.


You will be added to Services when you join a Sunday ministry team, an administrator needs to set up your account.

To use Services:

  • You will have joined a ministry team at Westside.
  • You will need to download a unique mobile app called “Services” to your phone.
  • You can use services from your computer (ask your ministry team leader).
  • Facilitates scheduling and provides reminders for serving.


You will set up a household in Check Ins when you check in to kids on Sunday, or when you arrive at a class or event. 

Checking in:

  • There are “check in stations” at The Centre where you check in. 
  • There’s no mobile app to download and you cannot log into this app on your computer.
  • Facilitates checking your kids in to kids classes on Sunday, or checking in to classes and events.
  • A “mobile pass” that allows you to scan a code on your mobile phone for even faster check in.
  • Checking in can also be done through Church Center mobile app.


You will encounter Registrations when you register for a class or event at Westside that requires a registration or has a cost.

Register for upcoming events:

  • All classes, events and retreat registrations at Westside.
  • Accessible from and through the Church Center mobile app.
  • Facilitates registrations for events, classes and retreats at Westside.
  • Keeps a record for you of everything you have registered for.


You will encounter Groups when you join various things like Community Groups, Ministry Teams, Justice & mercy, etc.

Participate in groups:

  • For each group you can see a list of members, upcoming events, shared group resources and keep in touch with your group members.
  • Accessible from and through the mobile Church Center App.
  • Keeps a record for you of all the groups you are in.


How do I update my account information in Planning Center? 
Go to or download the Church Center mobile app. Once you have logged in, your account information is accessible from the top right hand menu.

Why is the login process for Planning Center through email verification? 
No login process is required to go to any page located at Login to view your own information is done through email verification so that there is no need to remember your password and to keep your account secure.
Why do I have to keep validating my email address to log in? Nothing with my account has changed.
Once you have logged in, as long as you keep your browser open on your desktop you will stay logged in to If you close your browser or shutdown your computer, you will have to login again. The Church Center app will remain logged in until you choose to log out, even if you close the app (can depend on your phone settings).

How do I update my household (information for my kids) in Planning Center? 
Unfortunately you cannot update your household on your own in planning centre. You will need to go to the Check In station at Kids Connect on a Sunday to modify your household, or contact the office to make updates.
I downloaded the services app, but I can't login. 
You cannot access the Services app until you have been added to the app as a team member. If you haven't seen an email adding you to a team, or can't log in, please speak to your Ministry Team Leader or Ministry Director.
I downloaded the check in app, but I can't login.
The Check In app is for setting up check in stations and is only used by church administrators. The App is not for those wanting to check in. You can delete the check in app.