Practicing the Way

An invitation to pray

At Westside Youth, our goal is to meet with Jesus, learn the way of Jesus, and make Him known in the world. Everyone who belongs to Jesus is invited to become like Jesus. But where do we start with that invitation?
As followers of Jesus during the COVID-19 crisis, we have an opportunity to develop habits that will shape us beyond this time. We can seek renewal in our world by first seeking renewal in ourselves.
We recognize that reading your Bible and creating a rhythm of prayer can be really hard. For this reason, we will be hosting a daily Zoom prayer meeting starting at 9 a.m. for approximately 20 mins Monday-Friday . To join in, you won't need to pray out loud or read Scripture to the group—simply grab a Bible, a pen, and the resource below, and follow along. There are no expectations, and the only one talking will be the leader guiding the prayer. This isn't about learning how to pray in front of a bunch of people, but about developing habits and rhythms to practice the way of Jesus every day. So grab the guide and join us!

Button will go live each morning before the meeting.  

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Practicing the Way resource

This comprehensive resource will be a guide for our daily prayer together, but it will also be helpful as you begin to practice these rhythms by yourselves or with your family. When it comes to prayer, some of us feel inadequate, and we think that prayer is only for the ‘spiritually elite.’ Others feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what could be prayed for. But what if we don’t have to be pros in order to pray? This book offers to make daily practices more refreshing and accessible, and follows a rhythm of morning and evening prayer, complete with Scripture readings, and direction on what could be prayed for.

Download the guide here.

As you work on these habits, they will turn from something you “should do more” to practices you love and relish. As we submit our plans, our anxiety, and our control to Jesus, our habits will shape us from the inside out as we practice the way of Jesus toward a changed us and a renewed world!