Romans Part 1: The Problem

The book of Romans is the Apostle Paul’s longest and most systematic letter – a theological treatise if there ever was one. Over the course of this two year series we are going to divide Romans into 5 sections: Our problem, God’s provision, our power, our predicament and our practice.

Although Romans touches many topics it can be summed up as a letter declaring that all people have the same problem – exchanging the glory of God for other things – and can only find forgiveness for that exchange through the saving gospel of Jesus. However, in understanding the cultural makeup of the Roman people Paul assumes probable pushback from his audience – pushback common today as well – and responds to it in wondrous and thoughtful detail.


Romans 3:9-20
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Nov 25 2012
Text: Romans 3:9-20
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Romans 3:1-8
Date: November 18,2012
Speaker: Norm Funk
Text: Romans 3:1-8
Download (15937KB)
Romans 2:17-29
Speaker: James Bonney
Date: Nov 11 2012
Text: Romans 2:17-29
Download (11979KB)
Romans 2:12-16
Speaker: Brett Landry
Date: Nov 4 2012
Text: Romans 2:12-16
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Rom 2:1-11
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Oct 28 2012
Text: Romans 2:1-11
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Romans 1:26-32
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Oct 21 2012
Text: Romans 1:26-32
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Romans 1:18-25
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Oct 14 2012
Text: Romans 1:18-25
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Romans 1:16-17
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Oct 7 2012
Text: Romans 1:16-17
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Romans 1:8-15
Speaker: Matt Menzel
Date: Sept 30 2012
Text: Romans 1:8-15
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Romans 1:1-7
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Sept 23 2012
Text: Romans 1:1-7
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