Wednesday Morning Bible Class for Women


Course Information: Registration closes Tuesday 19th September, 2023


**We are unable to issue refunds for cancellations within 10 days of class starting.

Course Overview

The book of Ruth reveals the detailed preparation God made in order to fulfil His purposes in redemptive history. This short story of a small and insignificant family is actually one of the building blocks in God's preparatory work as He sovereignly directed history towards the coming of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

The message of the book of Ruth cannot be fully understood apart from the coming of Jesus so in studying it will help us to understand Christ Himself - and indeed, the whole Bible - more fully and clearly (Ferguson. S., 2005).

Come join us on Wednesday mornings, as we trace the intense plot line, powerful themes, and beautiful Bible connections  throughout the book of Ruth. Together we will learn the timeless lessons illustrated in the lives of its three main characters, Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. 

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