Plan Sunday at Home

We know that the majority of our church body will continue to gather in bubbles, or others, in their homes, in parks, on patios, over Zoom, and in other creative ways—and we want to equip and encourage you in this! It is vital to the life of the church body, because the church is not a building—YOU are the church, and so in this time we want to encourage you to continue to meet in small, safe and creative ways on Sunday mornings.

If you're currently bringing friends and family together to watch the live-stream together, would you let us know using this form? It'll help us get the resources we're developing into your hands.

Below, you’ll find ideas on how you hold gatherings around the city and make them special. You’ll also find out how you can host gatherings safely, within government guidelines, and how you can prepare and be intentional for Sunday services from home.

Some ideas about how you can Hold gatherings around the city!

  • Have brunch with your bubble at home—order or make something celebratory and exciting!
  • If your space doesn’t work well for physical distancing, make brunch over a camping stove in a park before or after the gathering—have someone wear a mask and serve food in a contact-free way.
  • If you can’t or if you’re not comfortable with meeting in person, have brunch with your community over Zoom (Google Meet, Facetime, etc.)
  • Set up a rhythm of checking in online or in person with your Community Group after the Sunday service ends.
  • Order take-out from the same restaurant and meet up to eat together in a backyard, street parklet, or large indoor space.
  • Set up an online trivia party for your group using
  • Intentionally call someone after the gathering to ask how they’re doing and how you can pray for them. 
  • Grab a couple of friends and sign up to host a Community Event at
  • Join a Community Event at


How to Host Safely and Within Government Guidelines

  • Be intentional about who you invite. Gatherings with those already in your bubble is easy because fewer restrictions apply, but if you do invite others, do what you can to create a safe environment:
    • Help with contact tracing by taking note of each guest’s first and last names, and their email address or phone number.
    • Pick a safe place to meet. Meet outside or somewhere there is good airflow. If you are meeting inside, choose a large enough space for everyone to keep two metres apart.
    • If you're not comfortable meeting in person, or can't meet in person safely, consider meeting online.
    • Set up your space in advance so there are clear seating areas two metres apart. 
    • Before guests arrive, sanitize all hard surfaces and commonly touched items, like doorknobs, faucets, buttons, light switches, microwave and oven buttons, and so on.
    • Have all guests thoroughly wash their hands (or sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer) when they arrive.
    • If any singing takes place, or if you cannot maintain two metres of distancing, wear a mask.
    • Avoid contact greetings like handshakes, high-fives, hugs, etc.
    • If you feel ill in any way, please stay home! If you are hosting a group and feel ill, have the group meet elsewhere. (Please don't decide “it's just a cold”.)
    • If you plan to share food, minimize your transmission risk by designating one person to wear a mask, wash/sanitize their hands, and serve each individual in a contact-free way.
    • If you are hosting more than 6 people from outside of your bubble and you know your space will be crowded, raise up another gathering host from within your group so you can keep good physical distancing.
    • If anyone shows signs of illness or isn’t feeling well, lovingly send them home right away.
  • If you’re looking to host a larger number of people, why not host a Community Event? The hosting signup process will make sure you’re ready to host people in a safe and responsible way, while honouring government guidelines and helping others feel comfortable with attending your event.


Preparation & Intentionality is Important

To be holy means to be set apart or dedicated to God.  But all week long, many of us are used to watching some kind of entertainment on our TVs and computers. What makes Sunday mornings special? This is why it’s so important to intentionally set Sunday apart and make it look different from the regular routine. Create a new routine that’s specific to Sundays—a weekly rhythm that’s intentional. Here are some of the basics to get you started:

Plan ahead on Saturday:

  • Prepare your space for Sunday morning in order to remove any distractions, whether that’s making it spotless or perhaps just tidying up.
  • Make sure you have bread and juice or wine ready for communion.

Prep on Sunday:

  • Get up a little early to set up communion.
  • Make coffee or tea or whatever you drink, and breakfast—have a meal together, whether in person or online!
  • Take 15 minutes before the service to read the passage and pray together.

During the Gathering:

Turn the music up loud! Don’t be afraid to sing, dance, raise your hands—remember, this time is about focussing your heart on the Lord and offering him praise. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in an apartment or at The Centre, the Holy Spirit is present.

  • Feel free to hit pause and discuss questions that come up during the gathering if you're watching with others.
  • Take communion safely together.

After the Gathering:

  • Talk about the reflection questions together and anything you may have wrestled with.
  • Hang out and have fun!

Do it all again next week!