Winnipeg Church Plant

Hey Westside! 

If we haven’t gotten to meet yet, my name is Aaron Boswell and I have been working here at Westside for the last two years with Westside Training (a ministry devoted to help equip, train and mobilize the current and next generation of Church Leaders, Ministry Directors, Pastors, and Church Planters). This page is meant to give you a little information about my wife, Samantha, and I, an introduction to our story of planting a new church in Winnipeg, and an invitation to join us on Feb 10 for an Information Meeting.

A bit about us…

Aaron originally hails from the US and became interested in church planting in 2009 while spending 6 months helping plant a new ministry in Paris, France. He then attended a two-year Church Planting Residency at the Summit Church in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina before planting two churches in Canada (one in Manitoba and one in Quebec). He met his wife Samantha at a Starbucks in Manitoba and thinks they have the best love story you’ve ever heard. They have two kids, Owen (4 years old) and Téo (2 years old), and Aaron loves conversations over coffee, helping develop leaders, and dreams of owning a Labradoodle named “Cookie”.

Samantha was born in Halifax, but grew up in Winnipeg (from age three to twenty three), where she met and married her husband, Aaron. She has a degree from the University of Manitoba and also attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She runs her own health and wellness business from home, specializing in pre & postnatal health and essential oils and is passionate about anti-human trafficking, social justice, sharing the Gospel, creating community, dark chocolate, and watching This Is Us.

Intro to our story…

The two things that first drew my wife and I to Westside around two and a half years ago are passions of Making Jesus Known as we make disciples who learn how to make disciples and the drive to advance the mission of God through planting churches that are passionate about planting other churches. Being on staff at Westside has been one of the most formative times in my life as we have been able to see this happen right before our eyes with TriCity Church launching and The Shore Church move to stand-alone status in the last year and a half. Seeing these faithful works sent out into the North Shore and Coquitlam, my heart began to be stirred to wonder what God might be doing next in our ministry as a church family.

And that is when I began to feel a sense that God might be leading the next church plant…and it might be my wife and I leading out in that direction…and I had this internal feeling that it might be in Winnipeg!

I knew that, as a ministry, we had never sent anyone outside of the lower mainland to plant a new ministry, but after a few weeks of praying and processing, I approached some of our elders to share what I felt like God was placing upon my heart and I asked them if they might ever consider helping plant a new ministry in Winnipeg.  

To my complete surprise, they agreed to pray and process through this as elders!

As the next few months unfolded, God led our elders to the conviction that Winnipeg was the exact spot where He was calling us to leverage our energies and agreed that I should step into a new role here at Westside called the Church Planting Residency. This Residency program is designed to be a one-year training time where a church planter 1) receives further training on planting churches from our elder team and friends, 2) begins raising support and asking church members from Westside and some of our partner churches to prayerfully consider joining this new launch team, and 3) begin training that launch team on the values and vision that God has given for this new church plant.

So, for 2019, Samantha and I will be slowly building a launch team that will help us launch this new ministry in Winnipeg as we serve here at Westside, planning for our move to Winnipeg in early 2020, and launching our church on September 13, 2020 in a neighbourhood called Sage Creek.