Women's Bible Studies

Upcoming Bibles Studies

Upcoming fall bible studies, dates, and times will be released in July. Keep your ears open for the Sunday announcement or check back here.


Westside Women’s Bible Studies are offered 3 times a year (fall, winter & spring) and exist to equip Westside women in how to study the Word for the works of ministry. 

bible study vs. bible devotional

Our aim is to equip the women of Westside with the tools that they need to make studying the Bible an effective, lifelong pursuit. Our Bible Studies are text based and most require some level of homework and self-study (see 'Level'). We realize that certain seasons of life may make it difficult to participate in studies that require extensive prep time and homework. That is why we also offer Bible Devotionals. Bible Devotionals are based on the author’s best interpretation and understanding of the Scriptures as applied to either a book in the Bible or a biblical topic/theme. We welcome you to start here but encourage you not to stay for too many seasons.


Level 1 // Bible Devotional
This level is great for those who are new to the Bible, who have never done a bible study before or who are particularly interested in the topic being studied. Amount of homework less than 1 hour/week.

Level 2 // Bible Devotional
This level is great for those who would like to begin studying the Scriptures on their own with the directed help of an author to explain what the Scriptures mean. It includes looking up several verses or passages of Scripture each week. Amount of homework is 1-2 hour/week.

Level 3 // Bible Study
This level is great for anyone new to bible study and those who have been doing it for years. The Bible will be the primary focus of your study and you will learn to use commentaries and other resources to supplement your study.  Amount of homework is 2-5 hours/week.

Level 4 // Bible Study
This level is great for those who can commit to more study time throughout the week. You will be excited at how much more you are learning and growing in your understanding of the Scriptures. Amount of homework is 4-5 hours/week.

Level 5 // Bible Study
This level includes an added focus and training on the spiritual disciplines of bible memorization, biblical meditation, and prayer. Amount of homework is 4-6 hours/week.


Westside Women's Bible studies are open to those who currently and regularly attend Westside Church and those who would not necessarily call themselves a Christian, but are exploring faith and are without a home church. We would humbly encourage women whose home church is not Westside to consider investing their gifts, talent, and time in their local church body in order to build it up and strengthen its community.


Many of the groups have childcare available though there are limitations to how many children each group can handle. Please indicate how many children you need care for when registering. If the childcare is full you are still welcome to join the group, but you will have to make other arrangements for childcare. Childcare starts at $60 for (1) child and increases at $20 per additional child.


Click the Register button of the study you want to join. You will be redirected to our Planning Center Online Registration page. 

Deadline for Registrations is March 15, 2019.

Note:Payment will be required to complete your online registration. If you cannot pay online, please call the office to make arrangements.

All bible studies have homework and some memorization. It is required that each participant complete at least 90% of the work. It isn’t about "getting it right”, rather it is about sitting at the feet of Jesus and doing the one thing that is necessary. The more time we spend with Jesus and in the Word, the better we will know Him and love Him. It is exciting to see what the participants learn as the Holy Spirit teaches them each week. When we get together it is expected that you will share some of what the Lord has taught you from your study time, thus doing the homework is a vital part of this study. It is also expected that you will attend each week (except in the case of a vacation, sickness or emergency). 

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Upcoming Bibles Studies

Upcoming fall bible studies, dates, and times will be released in July. Keep your ears open for the Sunday announcement or check back here.