Keep Your Priorities in Prayer

James Bonney

About two years ago I came home feeling defeated. I felt I couldn’t manage all the roles and responsibilities God has given me. I always drop one and miss-prioritize another, putting ministry above my family at times, and forgetting the goals I’ve had with my kids. In addition, as life got busier I could see that my prayer life was beginning to fade. No matter how many times I think about the Martin Luther quote, "I have so much to do today that I'm going to need to spend three hours in prayer,” it always seemed to be the opposite for me.

I knew I needed to prayerfully be reminded of who I am in Christ and what Jesus has called me to love and steward. To help in this, I formed a daily prayer list. This may not be helpful for everyone but it has greatly helped me to keep the main things the main things.


Identity: Worshipper, Child of God, Disciple

I praise you that you love me as I am, in Christ, and that you can’t love me more than you do right now, no matter how much I change my life.   Jesus I confess I am a mess. I am in desperate need of your grace, your presence. Help me take my eyes off myself and my righteousness and on to you. There is no good fruit in me apart from you, HELP ME to abide in you...

Purity/ One women man today
Be like and reflect Jesus, filled with the Spirit.
Lay down my life, serve, pray, encourage, sacrifice, enjoy, date, woo.
Be present & Listen well...

Be present, trusting in the Holy Spirit
Wisdom in Gospel centered parenting
Not making cleaning a priority
Kids – Salvation, spouse, health...

Spirit filled, Spirit dependent, Spirit trusting
Ministry: Elders, CG leaders, Staff...

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