The Centre: Launching Info & How to Give etc.

Westside is excited to announce that we will be taking the over The Centre ( previously "The Centre for the Performing Arts"), on August 6 and are planning to launch our next phase of ministry there on Sunday, September 29. Between those dates we will be working hard to get things "church" ready for much has to be changed, updated and refurbished between then. However, even though much will be accomplished between August 6 and launch Sunday there still will be much work ongoing for months thereafter. Therefore, when the doors open on Sept. 29 we will be going forward with some temporary space for kids in particular while more permanent space remains under construction. That being said, we can also say that the temporary space will prove nicer and more user friendly than anything we have had up to this point at any of our rental facilities.

Another aspect connected to this. We are expectant and hopeful that those whose hearts God is stirring will give to this project. We have much to do and much to do always requires funding. Therefore, if you would like to give to Westside in connection to The Centre start up costs you can do so online here. If you are already a part of Westside we would ask that your gift be above and beyond your regular giving to the ministry. If Westside is not your home but you are excited about what's taking place here we thank you so much for your support. In fact, we thank all of you for your support and gracious gift.

If you need any additional information about The Centre move please call us at 604-263-2314.

On behalf of the ministry,

Norm Funk
Lead Pastor, Westside Church.

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