Stories of Grace: God's Healing Power

I moved to Vancouver for the weather. Cool, dark, and rainy conditions are a great relief from migraines that plagued me since I was 20. I work in the film industry and had sustained heat stroke on the job that damaged my nervous system and left me unable to regulate my body temperature. Multiple heat injuries compounded over many years escalated the frequency and intensity of my migraines. After a decade of trying to find answers and relief, I packed up my life and moved 5,000km from home in search for better health.
Monday, April 15th, I get a phone call from an unknown number, and for some reason, I answer it. I could end the story there and it would be just as remarkable. It turns out, it's a guy I have certified with as a wilderness first responder.
He starts in on the spiel, "I'm looking for a female co-leader for a mountaineering trip in Tanzania, up Kilimanjaro..."
... I have, over the years, been contacted for trips like this. I always cut them off early to let them know that I have severe heat intolerance with heat-induced migraines, and I now start getting hives around 21°. I have a full-blown allergy to warmth. Equator would be the death of me.
I let him continue, said I'll really work with my doctor this year and see how I do this summer and I'll get back to him. Anyway, that night, I'm facetiming my parents and mention yet another amazing opportunity I have to turn down.
My mom was like, "You should go!!!" I immediately remind her of my health problems Ive suffered for 16 years, without skipping a beat she goes," You think God can't heal you?"
Tuesday (April 16th), I was heavily convicted. Just the week before, I shared my testimony at small group where I pointed out Gods faithfulness and provision throughout my life. All those words slapped my in the face. I texted him back and said, "I'll do it." Now the timeline starts.
That evening, the person who was supposed to give their testimony forgot, so I gave an update and said I was scared to death. At the end of the night, we always break up into groups and pray for each other. When the first person prayed for me, I KID YOU NOT, it felt like someone touched my neck and IMMEDIATELY all the heat in my neck and head dissipated. It actually startled me.
I wake up the next morning to an apartment full of migraine triggers: full, bright, radiating sun cooking the place. Nothing. I felt nothing. For the first time in over 10 years, I stepped into the sun and felt warmth and not pain.
I am completely healed. I have had perfect health since that day. My eyes no longer hurt in the sun. No migraines. No temperature sensitivities. My heart rate has lowered, my exercise-induced asthma has apparently also vanished. All gone.
A 16 year battle that has been my entire adult life ended in an instant, mid-prayer. I cry all the time now for all the best reason. I have been given a new life.