Church Center App


Church Center is the app Westside uses to manage events, groups, and activities. Through Church Center, you can:

  • Sign-up for groups (i.e. Gospel Communities).
  • Check-in at events, or check your children on Sunday mornings.
  • Register for an event or class.

NOTE: Church Center has a "twin app" called Planning Center which is used by church administrators, so you might hear us talk about that, too!

How to Use Church Centre

Start by downloading the app on your phone HERE or visit the desktop version: Once you've accessed Church Center, create an account for yourself and your family.

Once you have an account, you can use Church Center to complete the following things:

  1. Check-ins: Use the app to check your children in for Sunday Gatherings.
  2. Registrations: Register for events or classes at Westside. 
  3. Groups: Join a group (i.e. Gospel Community, ILM group).

Serving at Westside

If you are part of a ministry team at Westside, you'll use another app called Services (download HERE). We use this app for two reasons:

  • Schedule volunteers for the Sunday gatherings. 
  • Send reminders and updates to all volunteers. 

You will be added to "Services" when you join a Sunday Ministry Team, so no need to set up an account. Just download the app and you'll start getting notifications!


How do I update my account information in Planning Center? 

Go to or download the Church Center mobile app. Once you have logged in, your account information is accessible from the top right hand menu.

Why is the login process for Planning Center through email verification? 

No login process is required to go to any page located at Login to view your own information is done through email verification so that there is no need to remember your password and to keep your account secure.

Why do I have to keep validating my email address to log in? Nothing with my account has changed.

Once you have logged in, as long as you keep your browser open on your desktop you will stay logged in to If you close your browser or shutdown your computer, you will have to login again. The Church Center app will remain logged in until you choose to log out, even if you close the app (can depend on your phone settings).

How do I update my household (information for my kids) in Church Center? 

Unfortunately you cannot update your household on your own in planning centre. You will need to go to the Check In station at Kids Connect on a Sunday to modify your household, or contact us at to make updates.

I downloaded the services app, but I can't login. 

You cannot access the Services app until you have been added to the app as a team member. If you haven't seen an email adding you to a team, or can't log in, please speak to your Ministry Team Leader or Ministry Director.

I downloaded the check in app, but I can't login.

The Check In app is for setting up check in stations and is only used by church administrators. The App is not for those wanting to check in. You can delete the check in app.

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