Essentials Course ONLINE


Date: Anytime
Place: Online!

Introducing Essentials ONLINE!

In this season, we realized that we needed a better alternative to endless Zoom calls. That’s part of the reason we have developed Essentials Online, an online platform that allows you to “attend” the Essentials Course but do so at any time and at your own pace. The online platform still walks you through the same content, but now it’s divided up into easily manageable sections that also allows you to pause and come back without losing any of your progress. Whether you’re a long-time member or a newcomer who is looking to learn more or get baptized, Essentials Online makes taking the next step that much easier.


As Westside Church, “We exist to know Jesus and to make Jesus known.”

But what does that actually mean? Practically, what does that look like? This is what our brand new course called Essentials is designed to answer. Over three weeks, we’ll unpack our mission, vision, and values while exploring who we are, what we believe, and where we’re going. Not only that, but you’ll learn how you can get involved and become a part of this community.

Essentials has replaced a couple of previous classes and has become the first step for a number of processes here at Westside. Keep reading to learn more about why Essentials might be for you!

Who is Essentials for?

  1. You’re new to Westside and want to learn more about us.
  2. You’d like to be baptized (we no longer offer a specific baptism class. The first step toward baptism is now attending Essentials. See more on baptism at Westside HERE).
  3. You’d like to become a member (Essentials has replaced the Members class and serves in its place).
  4. You want to serve in certain leadership roles here at the church (Community group leader, kids ministry teacher, ministry team leader, etc.)
  5. You’d like to dedicate your child.

* Please note: Taking the Essentials Course online does not make you a member. You must formally apply for membership. Upon confirmation of completion of the Essentials Course, you will receive communication with the application form.  An elder will review your application and confirm your membership. 

** If you are thinking of joining a service team at Westside, please note that some roles on Westside Ministry Teams require that you attend the Essentials Course before serving.

Have questions? E-mail!

Are you a regular attendee at Westside and not yet on Planning Center? Find out more here!