Part 7: Holy Spirit as Guide & Empowerer February 22, 2015

Holy Spirit Sermon Series

One of the greatest joys in the life of a Christian is to pour over the pages of the Bible and, by God’s grace, discover what He is like. We learn through Scripture that there is one God and that this one God eternally exists as three persons–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We regularly give time to unpacking the nature, character and specific works of the Father and the Son for good reason: scripture itself compels us to. But if we’re not careful, the Holy Spirit can easily be mentioned only in passing and seem to fall by the wayside. This would be a grave mistake and is one that we desperately want to guard against.

For that reason, we will spend the next seven weeks shoring up our understanding of God, the Holy Spirit.

Study Guide & Post Sunday Content


A week of daily readings with suggested memory verses are given ahead of each Sunday’s sermon in order to prepare your mind and heart.

*These readings are seen as supplementary to your other daily Bible reading and do not always correspond directly with Sunday’s text.

  • Mini introductions of each week are given in order to introduce the content of the sermon.
  • A section is provided to take sermon notes and for Community Group Leaders to write their own questions while listening to the sermon.
  • The Post Sunday Content is to guide you in your Community Group discussions.
  • The Family Discussion questions are to help parents talk through these stories with their children. Feel free to go through the questions all at once, or periodically through the week.
  • The Recommended Resources section provides some good options for those looking to continue studying this topic.