Live-stream Service

The assembly of the local church is a deeply important means of God’s grace for Jesus’ people, so we encourage you to join us in-person for the gathering. However, if you have ongoing health concerns, or other reasons that you are unable to gather in person, we’re continuing to provide the live-stream for you to participate as you are able.


The link to our Sunday Live-stream will go live before the service begins at 9:45 a.m.
Looking forward to having you with us!

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Did you miss last week's service? Watch it here.



Parenting Class (today): God has given Christian parents the privilege and responsibility of raising their children to know and love Jesus Christ, but the church is here so that every follower has a community of believers around them for help and support. So, the main job of Family Ministries at Westside Church is to help and support parents as they seek to lead their family in the ways of the Lord.

Are you New? : If you are new to Westside, we want to extend you a warm welcome and encourage you to stick around after the gathering to meet some people! Do your best to say hi to a few people, especially if they have a lanyard on, they are here to welcome you! Also, please text the word “NEW” to the number displayed on screen. It will return some info to you that will help you get connected and give you the option for a meetup next Sunday with some westsiders for a chat and a building tour!


Every Sunday, our MC announces keywords that you can text in for more information about current events, giving, and other important things.

You can text those to 604-239-0633. Why not create a new contact called "Westside" and add that number into your phone right now so that you don't have to worry about remembering it?


New to Westside?
Check out our I'm New page.

Westside Kids

Are you a new family to Westside? We'd love to share our kids resources with you! Just head to the link below and our team will be in touch!



If Westside is your church home, a regular part of our Sunday rhythm is to encourage you to give as an act of worship. To learn how to set up pre-authorized giving or to give a one-time donation, head to our Giving page.


We’d love for you to take communion on your own or with your family at home. Here's a good way to do it safely if you're taking communion with your family:

Don’t dip the bread into a common cup of juice. Pour a bit of wine or juice into clean, separate cups, and sanitize your hands before cutting up the bread and distributing it. Limit touch as much as possible.


If you have a prayer request or a praise, we'd love to pray for you! Please fill out a prayer request.


Community is especially vital in a time where we can't gather together physically, so we want to encourage you to meet online with your Community Groups after the live-stream to touch base, connect, and chat about the sermon.

If you aren’t already in a Community Group, you can request to join one at

Connecting through Social Media

One of the ways we'll be staying connected as a church body is through social media. We'll have plenty of content coming your way, so be sure to follow us on our social channels.

Why a Live-stream?

To help to protect the most vulnerable among us, as well as provide an option for those still avoiding large gatherings, we are providing both safe in-person gathering opportunities and online resources for church at home like this live-stream.