Westside Outdoors

Out the door—into the community


Westside outdoors gets you out the door and into the community!

All events organized are created for the purposes of living missionally with friends and families through activities in and around our city. These events are great for inviting friends, coworkers, and neighbours who are both inside and outside of the church—or to get connected if you're new to Westside. Outdoors is an environment where there will naturally be opportunities to discuss faith, world views, and big questions as we hang out and do activities together.
Whether you enjoy hikes, sports (playing and watching), art, food or social events, this group has you covered.
Some events you may see organized this year:
  • Aquarium and Science World: After Dark
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Walks and Hikes (easy to difficult)
  • PNE / Playland
  • Road Cycling
  • Snowshoeing
  • Soccer
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Vancouver Sports Teams: Canadians (baseball), BC Lions (football), Warriors (lacrosse), Whitecaps (soccer)
Events and activities are not limited to the above—we're always looking for people to organize new and exciting things!

How do I hear about events that are happening?

There are two ways to stay in the loop.

Facebook Page

Follow the Westside Outdoors Facebook Page to see upcoming events and to RSVP for them.

Westside Outdoors Group

You'll also want to join our Westside Outdoors group on Church Center. This will ensure that you get reminders of upcoming events and updates on what's going on via your email. Join the group by clicking the button below.


I'd like to organize an Event or activity

What's involved?

  • Organizing an event can be as easy as setting a time, place, and activity and just showing up!
  • Planning events/activities that facilitate community and that get people out into the city or the outdoors.
  • Have a heart to connect with those in our city and create a relaxed environment where gospel conversations can naturally happen.
  • You'll be expected to create a Facebook event and an event on Church Center—but don't worry, we'll teach you how to do that (if you don't already know).


Questions or ideas regarding Westside Outdoors? We would love to hear from you! outdoors@wchurch.ca