Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Starting June 22, 2008 and finishing in September, we will be walking through a series called "Finding Jesus in the Old Testament".



Garments of Praise
Speaker: Norm Funk 08.31.08
Text: Genesis 3 and various

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Speaker: Norm Funk 08.24.08
Text: Micah

Download (9949KB)
Speaker: Norm Funk 08.17.08
Text: various texts

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Ruth's Redemption Song
Speaker: Kris Martens 08.03.08
Text: Book of Ruth

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Job: Reverent Sufferer
Speaker: Norm Funk
Text: Various

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Holy Moses
Speaker: Norm Funk 07.20.08
Text: Various

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The impossibility of Isaac
Speaker: Norm Funk 07.13.08
Text: Various texts

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Abraham our father of faith
Speaker: Norm Funk 07.06.08

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Grace Like Rain
Speaker: Kris Martens 06.29.08
Text: Genesis 6:5-9

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Jesus Our Rest
Speaker: Norm Funk 06.22.08
Text: Colossians 2:16-17 (and various others)

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