3x15 Prayer Initiative

June 18th to September 14th


What is the 3x15 Prayer Initiative?
We are asking that you commit to praying throughout the summer with someone of your choosing—a spouse, roommate or friend—three times a week for 15 minutes a time. If you’d like to meet more often or for a longer period of time that’s great!

How do I join the initiative?
Sign up by emailing us at prayer@wchurch.ca and make sure to CC your 3x15 partner so we can get their email as well. (We won’t share your email addresses with others.)

What if I can’t find someone to pray with?
You can commit to praying on your own! If getting together with someone 3 times a week isn’t doable, we’re still happy to have you.

What if I’m reading this after june 18?
No problem, we’d love to have you regardless of when you sign up.

When we meet what should we pray for?


  1. For each other — pray for the great and the hard going on in each other’s lives.
  2. For Vancouver — pray for its blessing, for the lost and those that lead the city.
  3. For Westside and the Church in Vancouver — pray for our needs and the needs of other local churches in the city.


We’ll be sending out weekly emails to encourage you, to share specific prayer requests for people and things that are happening in the body of Westside and to share stories of others who have signed up.

We also ask that you commit to reminding yourself to pray for your lost friends with a daily 3:16 PM reminder on your phone. (3:16 coming from John 3:16).

Remember to set aside September 14th for Delve, a day of prayer and fasting that ends with an evening of worship at 7pm.

Beginning September 10th, the Sunday before Delve, we will be calling those who are able to a 5 day fast. (More info on this later.)