Romans 16 July 06, 2014

Current Series: Romans Part V

Romans Part V
Theology without practice comes across as nothing more than a loud gong or crash, to paraphrase Paul from I Corinthians 13. But it's an idea that carries forward in Romans 12-16, a section where Paul moves from describing God's great mercies in Romans 1-11 to now showing what the receiving of God's mercy should look like in a Christian's life.


  • Romans 16
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    July 06, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: July 6 2014
    Text: Romans 16

    As we close down our almost 2 year study of Romans we wrap things up by looking at Paul's final greetings, warning and doxology.
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  • Romans 15:14-33
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    June 29, 2014
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: June 29 2014
    Text: Romans 15:14-33

    With the main body of his letter to the church in Rome complete, Paul now turns his attention to some final thoughts about the ministry entrusted to him as well as an appeal for the saints in Rome to partner with him for the sake of the gospel.
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  • Romans 15:8-13
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    June 22, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: June 22 2014
    Text: Romans 15:8-13

    In this message Paul sums up his teaching on the weak and the strong and the call to welcome one another, doing so with one of the most precious benedictions in the Bible.
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  • Romans 15:1-7
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    June 15, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: June 15 2014
    Text: Romans 15:1-7

    In this ongoing discussion on the weak and the strong Paul addresses how the church is able to bear with one another and in so doing, also points out those things the church is to be known for.
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  • Romans 14:13-23
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    June 08, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: June 8, 2014
    Text: Romans 14:13-23

    The church is made up of all sorts - men, women; older, younger; rich, poor - including the weak and the strong in faith. In this text Paul instructs the strong in how they should respond to the weak.
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  • Romans 14:1-12
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    June 01, 2014
    Speaker: Matt Menzel
    Date: June 1st 2014
    Text: Romans 14:1-12

    In Jesus believers have received an inheritance which includes an immense amount of freedom. Freedom mishandled, however, can be used at times to mask self-centredness. How are we to know when love should trump freedom? And what aspects of the gospel show us that love for our brothers and sisters may mean limiting the amount of freedom we allow ourselves to walk in?
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  • Romans 13:8-14
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 25, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: May 25 2014
    Text: Romans 13:8-14

    Although we would all love to live debt free there is one debt that we are to always live under. This message addresses why.
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  • Romans 13:1-7
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 18, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: May 18 2014
    Text: Romans 13:1-7

    What's a Christian's response to be to those in authority? Especially to those whose authority is being abused? This message addresses those questions.
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  • Romans 12:9-21
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 11, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: May 11 2014
    Text: Romans 12:9-21

    Paul continues showing us what a transformed life looks like, this time in how relates to those within the family of God - the church - and how it responds, as well, to the enemies of it.
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  • Romans 12:3-8
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    May 04, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: May 4 2014
    Text: Romans 12:3-8

    What does spiritual transformation look like in the life of a follower of Jesus? It looks like service as an act of worship.
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  • Romans 12:1-2
    Watch Romans 11:11-24
    April 27, 2014
    Speaker: Norm Funk
    Date: April 27 2014
    Text: Romans 12:1-2

    A transition takes place as we enter chapter 12, a chapter where Paul calls us to an expected response in light of God's mercies.
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