Sunday Ministry Teams

To help support Westside's in-person gatherings and ministries, let us know about your gifts and life/work experiences so we can guide you to the right team.

Café - Helps everyone feel at home and welcome by providing coffee.

Facilities - Helps everyone feel honoured and safe by cleaning and sanitizing before and after everyone comes.

Hospitality - Helps everyone feel welcome, from checking in for their registration, to getting seated, to getting connected with the rest of the church.

Safety - Helps everyone feel secure by helping to keep an eye on things, communicating via radio, and occasionally having calming conversations with people who need them.

Medical Response - The designated first responder if any medical emergency should take place on a Sunday, this role requires your OFA Level 2 certification. You can serve in this role WHILE serving in any of the other roles.

Communion - Helps everyone understand that they are in a sacred moment and place by serving communion in a dignified way. You can serve in this role WHILE serving in any of the other roles (except for Safety Team).

Kids Ministry - Team members in the Kids Ministry care for our littlest ones (birth - K), and our grade schoolers by teaching them about Jesus and demonstrating the impact of His love and grace in our own lives. LEARN MORE AND SIGN UP