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As Youth living in Vancouver, we get the opportunity to live as messengers of the good news of the Kingdom of God! We typically gather together each Monday night from 7–9pm to share a meal, study the Scriptures, and talk/pray over each other in small groups lead by our background checked adult Youth Leaders.

From 7-7:30pm we share a meal together and hang out. We then move into our teaching for the night. From there we break into small groups to talk about what we just heard – we want to work out what it looks like practically to live in the Kingdom of God and live as Spirit-empowered followers of Jesus. Then we end the night by taking a few minutes to talk and pray for each other and those around us.

For the most up to date times and locations of each Youth gathering, visit the calendar page.  


As Christians, we often think of the gospel as news that merely saves us. We say that Jesus lived the perfect life, died on the cross in our place as atonement for sin, and was resurrected to triumphantly end sin once and for all. If we believe this, we’re set free from our bondage and sin and now have reconciled relationship with God and eternal life. This is all true and the gospel accomplishes nothing less than that, but so much more. The good news of the gospel is not merely a tool used for salvation but the very foundation of the entire Christian faith and our day to day lives right now. What does a man dying on a tree 2000 years ago have to do with me failing a math test? Or losing a job? A broken relationship? My parents going through a divorce? We believe it has everything to do with those things. In our series Transform: the good news that changes everything, we’re looking at how to identify ourselves with Jesus and what he has done for us and how that affects every aspect of our lives as we apply it to the everyday suffering, hurt, relationships, and brokenness of our world. 

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