Creative team members are people who are passionate about Making Jesus Known through the visual arts! The arts are a powerful tool for evangelism and communicating the gospel through many different types of media and creative projects. We live in an increasingly visual culture and this team’s goal is to highlight what’s going on in the life and ministry of both the gathered and the scattered church. This team is a big part of keeping the body informed and engaged throughout the week. The Creative team is for those who want use their creative gifts for things like film shooting, film editing, producing, photography, graphic design, illustration, venue design (stage, event decor, etc.), editorial (writing, storytelling, editing, etc.), and project management/admin (helping coordinate creative events & projects).


  • Must regularly attend Westside
  • Be part of or planning to be a part of a Community Group
  • Have attended or planning to attend the Westside Members Class
  • Provide a portfolio or sample work if applicable to your area of visual arts. (Website portfolios are preferred.)
  • If you are in an area of visual arts that doesn't require a portfolio (i.e. Project Management) please list your experience.
  • Apply!
  • Interview (To schedule an interview, please complete the application.)

What you’re committing to as part of the Creative Team:

  • Attending the monthly Big Creative Team meeting for connecting, refreshing and brainstorming for upcoming projects.
  • Regular email and phone communication with your project team and project team leader.
  • If you’re on a project team, attending meetings with your team as needed. (Amount of meetings will vary depending on the project.)
  • Meeting deadlines that you’ve committed to on your project team.
  • Time commitment varies with each project, so you’ll need to assess what you can commit to as projects come up.

Apply to Volunteer

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