Alpha 2021

Dates: Tuesdays, April 20th - June 29th (including an extended Alpha Session on Saturday, May 29th)
Time: 7:30pm - 9pm
Place: Alpha Online (connecting through Zoom)

Spring Alpha Online 2021 is finished. Look for more information on Fall Alpha in September, 2021.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions ANYONE CAN JOIN TO explorE the basics of the Christian faith 

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that creates a space people are excited to bring their friends into for a conversation about life, faith and God. Each session includes a video that looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation. There’s no pressure and no charge; it’s just a place to be open, informal, and honest as we explore life’s big questions together.

You will you join a group of 6-10 other people that will be with you throughout the Alpha Course. Your group will go deeper each week as you process the questions that you have, hear from others and keep the conversation going—if you choose to—throughout the week.

What Does A Typical night of Alpha ONLINE look like?


You'll be warmly welcomed; it's fun to connect as a big group, break the ice and say hello to each other. Enjoy an open, light-hearted atmosphere that we will all build together.


Next, we'll break into the smaller groups of 8-12 people. These will be the people you'll watch the videos with, discuss with, and come to know well through the 11 weeks of the Alpha Course.

The videos are less than 30 minutes and each video introduces a big question that will frame the discussion to follow. For example, the first session “Is there more to life than this?” begins a discussion on expectations and what we are seeking in life. The videos are great quality, check out the trailer below for a sample.


People will be joining of all backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths and world views. Probably the most important part of any Alpha is preserving the freedom to share respectfully delivered thoughts and ideas without being "corrected" or "judged". Be free to debate and explore. Allow your thoughts to be questioned. Be honest, be friendly, listen well and respect others.


The discussion time may feel short once you get going, but you will have opportunities to continue the conversation through technology or one-on-one (following provincial health order guidelines) throughout the week. It's up to you on how much you want to lean in, no pressure.

Who Will You Invite? 

Alpha is such a great opportunity to bring out a friend! Why come alone when you can come together? And if Alpha isn't for you, it's surely for someone you know!
So... who will you invite?