Our Mission

We exist to know Jesus and make Jesus known. Our mission as a local church includes two parts:

  1. Knowing Jesus.
  2. Making Jesus Known.

We must not assume making Jesus known always includes knowing Jesus. It is entirely possible to make Jesus known without actually living in a vibrant and growing relationship with Him ourselves!

We can know about Jesus and even say true things about Him, but even the demons do that. It is entirely possible for us to grow in knowledge of the truth without actually tasting the love that is at the core of the nature of God. 

For that reason, what we’re after is ‘making Jesus known’ borne out of ‘knowing Him’ ourselves. As we experience life with Jesus, our day in, day out will be lived as an invitation for others into that same amazing reality. Knowing Jesus is the way to the Father—the objective truth behind all reality—and the Holy Spirit-empowered life we’re all longing for! This is the heart behind all we are and all we want to do as a local church.

This mission is best expressed by our three core values: Jesus’ Presence, Jesus’ Image, and Jesus’ Kingdom.

Westside's vision, therefore, is to humbly pursue Jesus’ Presence; being continuously formed into Jesus’ image, for the good of our city as Jesus’ Kingdom comes.

Value 1: Jesus' Presence

We can accomplish nothing of eternal significance apart from the presence of God moving in power among His people. He is the Creator and sustainer of all life. He is the God of the universe who longs to dwell with us. We come to know God most fully through Jesus Christ who purchases, with His blood, our access to life in the Kingdom of God—communion with the Godhead for all of eternity and a life of abundance now! This presence is made real to us by the Holy Spirit living in and amongst His people.

Value 2: Jesus' Image

As we experience God’s presence with us through life with Jesus, as empowered by the Holy Spirit, we begin an ongoing process of formation into the image of Christ. Through this process, we are set free from sin and brought into an experience of the abundant life that Jesus promised. Transformation into Jesus’ image isn’t just for us as individuals; it’s the transformation of the whole body. We participate in our own formation together by following the spiritual rhythms that Jesus Himself modeled. These practices position us to receive all that God has for us as He works to heal and restore us.

Value 3: Jesus' Kingdom

The healing and restorative work of God in us isn’t just for us; it’s for the whole world! Jesus invites us, not just into our own journey of formation, but to become those through whom his Kingdom comes to the world—agents of gospel renewal. The same presence of Jesus that transforms us is able to transform our city. Living life with Jesus allows the Kingdom of God not only to come to us but through us, resulting in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.