Church Community Builder & The Westside App


Church Community Builder (CCB) is the online tool Westside uses to manage all of our events, groups, and activities. You can use it too, by downloading the new Westside App, or visiting the desktop version of CCB! Through that app, you can:

  • Message groups you are in (e.g. Gospel Communities).
  • Check-in at events, or check in your children on Sunday mornings.
  • Register for an event or class.
  • Manage your volunteer schedule.

NOTE: CCB has a companion app called "LEAD." which is used by church staff and lay leaders, so you might hear us talk about that, too!

How to Use the Westside App

The Westside App is designed to empower you to engage with our church by helping you easily get updates, connect with your groups, manage your serving schedule, and sign up for events.

  1. Start by downloading the app on your phone here.
  2. To set up your account, please visit the desktop site. From there, you can request accounts for yourself and your family.

Serving at Westside

If you are part of a ministry team at Westside, you can manage your serving preferences and requests on the same Westside App. Just navigate to More > Serving > Manage Serving. 

If you're not yet on a team, you can find signup links at More > Serving > Sign Up. (Or you can just head straight to the Serve page.)

*Note: We will be continuing to use Planning Center Services for scheduling through the month of September, then switching to CCB in October.


Why the shift from Planning Center to Church Community Builder?

Right now, engaging with Westside online requires using several web pages and apps (e.g., Planning Center suite of apps, text messaging, email, the church website, WhatsApp/other group messaging platforms, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

  • It’s a lot, and with so much going on in different places, it’s easy to miss important information, or to feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all.
  • CCB and the companion app will allow Westsiders to have one place to easily engage with everything related to Westside.
  • Additionally, the new backend system will help us organize and automate some of our administrative work, allowing staff and lay leaders to focus on adding value and building up their teams and ministries in other ways.

As with any software migration, we do anticipate there being some bugs and hiccups to work through in the new system—but we believe the pros will outweigh the cons. Thank you in advance for your patience and participation as we get this complex new system running!

How do I update my account information in CCB? 

Go to or download the app. Once you have logged in, your account information is accessible from the top right hand menu.

Why is the login process for CCB through text verification? 

It's so we don't need people to create an email and password to connect with our events and so forth. It keeps everything very accessible.
However, there are advantages to creating a login, like being able to modify your account info and easier sign ups.

How do I update my household (information for my kids) in CCB? 

Unfortunately, this isn't possible from The Westside App, but you can modify any information in your household from the desktop version of CCB.
You can also go to the Check In station at Kids Connect on a Sunday to modify your household, or contact us at to make updates.

I can't see anything in Manage Serving. 

You won't see any serving opportunities or requests until you've officially joined a Ministry Team. If you haven't seen an email adding you to a team, or can't log in, please speak to your Ministry Team Leader or Ministry Director. (Or if you still need to sign up, you can do that here.)

I want to use the app to check into an event (or check my kids in).

Just go to More > Check-In in the Westside App.
*Note: We will be continuing to use Planning Center Check In through September, so just check in as usual for now.

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