Missions - LocMissionary_DaveOlson

Dave is originally from Abbotsford and studied business while attending Trinity Western University. God took him on a long journey after graduation of discerning where God was leading him. He felt called to full-time ministry in 2012 after coming back home from living in Australia for a year, but needed to go through a season of pruning and sanctification before stepping into his work with Athletes in Action. Dave is responsible for leading a national team of directors in the Sport Specific division that seeks to impact Canada and beyond through movements of evangelism and discipleship. His team does this through offering opportunities (camps, overseas tours, service projects, partnerships, etc.) for high performance athletes in volleyball, basketball, hockey, wrestling, soccer, and triathlons to encounter Christ personally and take
steps of faith.

Westside’s ongoing support helps Dave and AIA equip their staff to meet, build relationships with, and encourage athletes to use their sport as an opportunity to glorify God. Dave serves the staff in a pastoral capacity and spends most of his time investing in those who are directly evangelizing and discipling athletes. 

For more information, to help support, or to receive monthly newsletters please email Dave at davido@athletesinaction.com. He would love to connect with you and hear your heart for making Jesus known in the world.





_2013 NEW SITE - Local missionary Sharon Walraven

Sharon Walraven joined Outreach Canada in 2009 after serving as the Executive Director of the Centre for World Mission BC. She now serves as the National Director for Perspectives Canada, which specializes in offering the Perspectives on the World Missions Movement course. This course is designed to help churches increase their engagement in God’s mission both locally and around the world, focused on the remaining least reached peoples. As the National Director, Sharon is responsible for all of the study programs that are facilitated in Canada and she works with the Regional Coordinators and Class Coordinators, to keep a current roster of presenters and up-to-date course material. In addition to this responsibility, Sharon also manages Outreach Canada’s online resource store and curates their library of missions books and resources.

To help support Sharon or to receive her newsletter, email swalraven@outreach.ca.




Missions - LocMissionary_GordonCarkner

Gord is originally from the Ottawa Valley and began to feel God call him toward mission in the last semester of his undergrad degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University. After seminary training, he entered the adventure of campus ministry with its intense apologetics challenges. This started in Waterloo-Guelph, Ontario and then at University of British Columbia. Westside’s ongoing support helps he and his wife Ute (and their faculty partners) to bring God’s presence and the Christian voice and values to the secular university, while mentoring graduate students from around the globe for future leadership. Gord also builds a vision for discovering how our faith can engage late modern culture through blogging and his new 2016 book: The Great Escape from Nihilism: rediscovering our passion in late modernity

For more information on how to support Gord and Ute and receive their newsletter, please email
gord.carkner@gmail.com, check out his thought-provoking blog at https://ubcgcu.org or visit the Outreach Canada gift site: http://en.outreach.ca/donate.aspx 

Heather Kraft (hkraft @outreach.ca) is the Development Secretary in Donor Services.




Missions - Local missionaies - Weidmans

Michael and Amy are serving with the Navigators at UBC and citywide. They are Directors of Navigators International Ministries at the University of British Columbia and Directors of the Navigators “Real Life” Young Professionals Fellowship in Vancouver. The Weidmans started two fellowships for International students at UBC. The International Fellowship has students from 20 different countries from every continent. The other fellowship is the Navigators Chinese Fellowship in Mandarin for students from China, Taiwan and Singapore. The Navigators “Real Life” Fellowship is designed to give young professionals discipleship, training and the opportunity to develop deep, quality and meaningful relationship building.

For more information about Navigators and the work that Michael and Amy are doing, visit the UBC Navigators website to learn more or contact them directly.