I'm New

We know it can be a little daunting to step into a new thing, especially when you're not exactly sure what to expect! Here are some FAQs to give you a picture of what Westside looks like week-to-week.

Questions about Jesus and Christianity?

We have plenty of great classes to start with—check these out as a first step:

Here are also some great videos to watch:

*The Bible Project videos are available in different languages. To access them, click here. If you're looking to get connected with others in your native language, check out our International Language Ministry

If you'd like to connect with a pastor or staff member to ask questions about Jesus or the Christian faith, just call the Westside Office at 604.263.2314 or email office@wchurch.ca.

Tell Me More About Westside

Where is the church building and office located?

We are located in downtown Vancouver, Canada, at 777 Homer Street. 

How can I get connected?

There are a few ways of getting plugged in within the Westside community! We have listed them out for you here.

What do Westside's Sunday Gathering rhythms look like?

It's such a joy to gather together on Sundays to pray, worship, read the word, and not only see long-lasting friends but meet new ones. All details about our gathering can be found here.

What about my kids?

Westside is a family-friendly place. We believe that children are a blessing from God and should be taught about God in a fun learning environment! Check out our Family Discipleship and our Westside Kids sections to see all that's being offered to our families.

How does Westside communicate with me?

Check out our Westside Communication section for all the information about how to keep up to date with what's going on. 

Questions? Call us at 604.263.2314 or email office@wchurch.ca