“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, ’Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’” 
Revelation 7:9-10

This is what the coming Kingdom will look like: people from every tribe, nation, and language. However, this beautiful picture of worship is not only for the future, but can be glimpsed right now in our local churches.

Vancouver, where the Lord has placed Westside Church, is a unique city where people from many nations and backgrounds come together. Though the reasons for being here are distinct, we all have one thing in common: we all need to know Jesus and make Jesus known. Jesus’ church in Vancouver should be a foretaste of the glorious picture of worship in Revelation 7. 

The goal of International Language Ministry at Westside is to provide a place and environment for people who are new to this city to:

  • humbly pursue Jesus’ presence in their familiar culture and language,
  • being continuously formed into Jesus’ Image together, 
  • for the good of our city and the homelands we are from as Jesus’ Kingdom comes. 

Current Language Groups

Here is the list of the language groups currently up and active:

If you have any questions about International Language Ministry, please email ilm@wchurch.ca!