Communications Overview

This page is an overview of how you can stay informed on content, event and activity updates.

If you invest the time to view and set up these items now you will reap the rewards down the road!


Church Center ( is where all of our groups and upcoming events are posted. Our website points to many of the pages there for info and signup (such as our community groups, women's bible studies, weekly support groups and other ministry events). 

The Church Centre App has all the same content as in the palm of your hand. Follow that link to download it to your phone. From this app you can also see Westside's contact info, manage your profile information (your profile here is the primary one the church uses for its records), and check in your family members to classes and events before you get to the building. If there is one app we can recommend for you as a part of Westside, it's this one!

Website & Calendar

All our available content exists on our website and web calendar—as you may have already discovered! Our web calendar is the source of our most current event information and our website will have the most comprehensive descriptions about events, classes, who we are, and everything in between. You can subscribe to add our web calendar into the calendar you already use!

WEEKLY newsletter

Once you sign up, each week you'll receive an email in your inbox that gives an update on what's going on in the ministry. It's a valuable snapshot and you can follow the links to dig deeper. Subscribe on the bottom right corner of this page (or on any other page) on our website!


Check out current sermons series, podcasts, special videos and more on our Podcast & Video page.


Visit our Social Media page to get our facebook, instagram and twitter info for additional content, art and interactions.


We use WhatsApp—a chatting app that works on both mac and android phones—for groups that need to interact with each other conversationally. For example, many of our Community Groups use WhatsApp to share prayer requests with those in their group, chat with each other throughout the week, or organize events.

Kids / YOUTH Newsletters

If you have kids or youth you'll want to sign up for their newsletters to keep you up to date on everything that's going on in the Kids or Youth ministries. Follow those links for ministry info and to subscribe.