a multicultural group of people with the words "Share thoughts questions doubts hopes fears"

Who Will You Invite?

Alpha is such a great opportunity to bring out a friend! Why come alone when you can come together and share your experience?



We all have people in our lives we love deeply, people that we wish could understand and experience the love of God. How do we share Jesus with them in a way they might understand? Where do we start?
As we open our own lives up, spaces for honest conversations are possible. These are spaces where people can be themselves and explore the deepest questions of life with those they know and trust. Alpha creates exactly that, which is why it is such a great opportunity to invite non-believing friends and family! 
Have you considered inviting someone to Alpha or attending with them? Think about the people in your life:
  • What about that long time friend who just doesn't see things the same way you do?
  • What about that family member who seems uninterested, low energy, or bored?
  • What about that person you'd like to spend some time with and get to know?
  • What about that coworker who has been asking questions, but you just haven't connected with?
  • What about that person who has been down, or a little lonely, or feeling a little isolated? 

Here is how you can take Steps to invite them!

  1. Click here to learn what Alpha is.
  2. Have a conversation with a friend about it. 

Questions? Email alpha@wchurch.ca