Spiritual Gifts: Mike's Story

I feel led to share a testimony that happened a few years ago, when God used my spiritual gifts of healing and then prophetic intercession. I was with a friend from Westside, Gordon, during a time of street ministry in the summer of 2018. We had met a woman on the Downtown Eastside who was a heroin and crack addict. Gordon had been helping her for a while. 

One morning Gordon called me and asked if I could come to help him with her as she was in bad shape; mainly due to the addiction, she only weighed about 60 pounds at the time. I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray for this woman. As she laid on the floor, I prayed that any spirit with a hold of her life, that was not of God, would be broken in the name of Jesus! I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill her, and that God would heal her and keep her alive. 

God performed a miracle. He came and saved her, healed her, and delivered her that morning. After the prayer, Gordon and I took her to the hospital, and that day was the start of her journey back to Jesus. She is now free from her addictions to this day and is doing well. This year, she was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family and friends! I have been able to see how God has moved in her life. 

As I was sharing this story with the Westside Wednesday morning prayer group after it happened, I received a vision from the Holy Spirit. This vision was of huge clouds of incense rising from the prayer meeting. I felt this healing and vision were a sign given by the lord of things to come and a call to keep praying. I believe that we are now, three years later, only beginning to see what God was saying back in 2018. I continue to intercede for the Lord to burst forth at Westside in a way that affects and heals the whole city.  

There have been many times where God has used my spiritual gifts of healing and intercession. I start each day praying, so I am always in intercession. Also, I will often stop and pray for healing for people when I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit. I have seen God heal people on the streets and in other places very often. Praise God!

One scripture that is encouraging me recently is Psalm 147:10-11:

“His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of a man,
but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.”

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