Dinner of Love: Christmas 2022

A message from Natt Belonio, Minister of Local Outreach at Westside Church:

A huge thank-you to those who helped contribute to the 175 gift bags and 90 dozen baked goods we were able to hand out on December 9th during the Christmas Dinner of Love! We were so encouraged by the joy we saw in our guests who attended which infectiously spread to our volunteers who served that night. We also heard a number of encouraging stories of guests who were excited to join in the Hope Alight festivities upstairs after dinner––some who attended with those who served.

DoL_2022      DoL_2022


The Reach teams who normally go out on the same nights as Dinner of Love to Granville Street initially stayed behind and served at the dinner. However, because we had extra food at the end of the evening, they ended up handing out the rest of the food to those in our neighborhood and were also able to offer prayer for those they encountered. All glory to God for the redemptive work He is doing and for the ways He is extending His love and grace to those in our city.

"One man was helping to pack up the tables at the end of the night and I said that it was very nice of him to help, but he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to. I was encouraged by his response as he said: “Back in the day when I had a family, everyone helped. You guys served us a meal, and now it’s only right of me to help my family clean up.” - Dinner of Love Volunteer
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