For thousands of years God’s people have turned to the Psalms for wisdom, encouragement, and worship. The Psalms contain some of the most emotive literature found in the Bible, covering the entire spectrum of human emotion. The various authors of this collection of poetry, songs, and prayers affirm the brokenness of our world and point toward a King who’s reign will make all things new.



Psalm 150
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Sept 1 2013
Text: Psalm 150
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Psalm 127
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Aug 25 2013
Text: Psalm 127
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Psalm 103
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Aug 18 2013
Text: Psalm 103
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Psalm 84
Speaker: Norm Funk
Date: Aug 11 2013
Psalm 84
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Psalm 62
Speaker: Brett Landry
Date: Aug 4 2013
Text: Psalm 62
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Psalm 42
Speaker: Matt Menzel
Text: Psalm 42
Date: July 28, 2013
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Psalm 22
Speaker: Brett Landry
Date: July 21 2013
Text: Psalm 22
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Psalm 1
Speaker: Matt Menzel
Date: July 14 2013
Text: Psalm 1
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